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Raphaela:Riviani Seer, Inquisition agent. by NellyMonster
Raphaela:Riviani Seer, Inquisition agent.
Name: Raphaela

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Riviani

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Class/Specialization: Mage, specializes as a Spirit healer and trained as a Seer in Rivain. Uses many 'showy' illusion spells to entertain people or 'enhance' the Seer experience.

Appearance: 6ft, Dark skin and dark hair pulled back into a dreadlock ponytail. Bright light grey eyes, and a scar across her throat. Right nostril and septim peirced.

Background: Born 9.13, in the port town of Llomerryn, Rivain, Raphaela was born to a young barmaid and an unknown father. As a child, she grew up around the tavern her mother worked at, learning practical skills for such a life. She easily made friends with locals and travelers alike, always findjng conversation to flow with ease. From a young age she developted a facination with dead animals, or more specifically, their bones. Her mother was weary of this at first, worrying that she would take this facination to the next level and begin hurting and killing animals, but this worry was dispelled when a few weeks before her 8th birthday they encountered a small bird whose wings had both been terribly damaged by a nearby feral cat. The rush of feelings created by seeing the tiny animal hurt caused Raphaela's previously unknown magic to flair to life, thankfully not in a destructive way, but with healing magic. Though it wasnt enough to fully heal the bird, it was enough to help its recovery.

Life continued on as normal for a few more years, with Raphaela learning more of the ways of the tavern and barkeeping, whilst on the side she would spend the afternoons she was not working helping heal, very minorly, the local pets or wildlife. At the age of eleven, she and her mother decided it was time to head to the capital, and begin training as a seer in the "circle" there. At first, despite making friends quite quickly, she found herself getting rather homesick and missing the simplicity of her old life.

Over the course of her time at the circle she visited home many times, both for holidays and to help her mother around the bar.She continued to study in the circle, though she spent more of her time outside assisting peple and provinding "fortune telling" for gullible visitors.

In 9.40, when the right of annulment was called for the circle, she left Rivain for many reasons, including the death of her mother from a drunken brawl. She traveled slowly through Antiva, keeping to the more underground life, working temporarily as a barkeep or waitress, or even handling some.. less than legal transactions.

9.41 She heard about the begginings of the Inquisition, and began making her way towards Haven. Whilst on her journey, Haven was destroyed, making her pause briefly in a small town. Once news of the Inquisitions survival and occupatuon of skyhold traveled, she made her way there, offering her services as a healer or barkeep and her unique perspective on spirits as a seer. Though she doesnt travel with the inquisitor often, she spends much if her time assisting the wounded.

Weapons: Rams Skull staff, quite skilled in hand to hand and staff combat.

Inner circle/advisors approval:

Cassandra: They are aquaintances, both having respect for eachother, though cassandra is weary of her lack of conventional circle training. They do occasionally have a drink amongst the others.
Varric: Great friends, they enjoy inventing crazy stories about their companions.
Solas: They don't hang out, per say, but they have had many discussions on spirits and magical theory or sharing tactical knowledge. They've been known to bicker,  particularly about Solas' 'superiority complex' as she calls it.
Bull: Spends a lot of time with bull and the charges, they've been known to have the odd.. "get together". Will it progress to more? Idk man, we will see!
Blackwall: They flirted a bit, though after seeing his interest in Josephine, she became the best, or worst depending in who you ask, wingman trying to get the together. (With Sera's help)
Sera: Besties, though sera had many reservations when they first met about her magic. Though she doesnt help with many of the pranks directly, she does give out a fair amount of suggestions. 
Vivienne: They're civil, though snide comments quite often fill their conversation. She has great respect for Viviennes magical abilities and her knowledge of the game, but they disagree with the implementation of circles and the treatment of mages.
Cole: She tries to teach Cole more about being human, and in turn he helps her by voicing people troubles so she can heal them easier. They spend a lot of time caring for small animals together.
Dorian: They drink together frequently, and bitch about the 'southerners'. They also spend alot of time practicing techniques, the best looking ways to cast spells specifically. 
Cullen: They interect much, though she does respect his change in attitude agaisnt mages.
Leliana: At first she was cautious about the spy master, but after sometime they have a mutial respect for eachothers unique skills.
Josephine: They spend some time together, mostly talking of Antiva and.. Blackwall. Despite knowing nearly nothing of Nobles or politics, she does provide an ear for Josie to talk about alll that stuff.


•Main: Her main outfit.
•Skyhold: Casual outfit around skyhold.
•Seer: What she wheres when playing the role of 'the wise seer', generally for fortune telling.
•Halamshiral: Winter palace dress.
•Battle-Armour: Used for large fights such as Adamant or the Kocari wilds.
•Cerimonial Armour: Worn to greet officials in Skyhold, or other formal things for the Inquisition.
•Post Inquisition: Her outfit after Inquisition. She has new scars from battleing a dragon. Her hair has been cut and left natural.
•Pre Inquisition: What she wore before she joined.
•Desire Demon: A 'what if' design if she were possessed by a Desire demon. Other than the obvious colour and horn changes, her physique and face are altered subtly.

Raphaela/art (c ) Me
Other stuff (c) Bioware
Riviani Seer |tarot| by NellyMonster
Riviani Seer |tarot|
Hey there!

This is a quick tarot card i did for my new dragon age oc, shes a Mage/Seer from Rivain and joinex the inquisituin out of curiosity!

I'm currently in the process of finishing an outfit sheet for her, so I'll put up her info with that!


NellyMonster's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

The basics are as follows.

My name is Tenielle, though I prefer Nelly for convenience.. I'm 18 almost 19, I am a gemini/INTP/neutral good/ravenpuff from the delightful hellhole known as 'STRAYA MATE

My hobbies include making characters I'll never use again, obsessing over fictional gay love and buttsexsubtext, trying to learn guitar, crying over heartbreaking fanfiction, and living in my own imaginary brain world where I'm actually cool.

I'm currently active in the rp group :iconpt-bonds:

Haters gonna hate, but please keep it away from my page.
Potatoes gonna potate.
Australians gonna mate.

All ships welcome, though my main Bae is Destiel from supernatural.
Hey guys! 

Just wanted to make a quick little update on everything!

first up, I have a semi-functioning computer again, so I'll be able to start drawing again... I might be a little rusty though, seeing as it's been awhile! Ill most likely be drawing supernatural and Destiel, Oc's new and old, and I'll be redrawing some of my past.. "Art" if you can call it that!

which brings me to my second point, my old account! 

I know now a lot of you are new, and have only followed me since I became known as NellyMonster, but I have a confession to make.. I was once know as *drumroll please* No1-knows-me, and boy did I post some... Interesting* pieces of art!

As much as it pains me to link you guys to that account, I feel like it's not something I should hide away, because it is part of my artistic journey... the one that has me drawing gay Angels makeing out with their closeted bisexual boyfriends.. Oh how far I've come!

now... Is there any particular image from that dreadful account that you guys would like to see redone? 

Sketch requests are open.
Art trades are open.
Commissions are open.

*and by interesting I mean shamefully dreadful.
  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: Stay high - hippie sabotage remix
  • Reading: So much gay erotica it would make my mother cry
  • Playing: Guitar hero
  • Drinking: Juice of the Orange

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